What is EDGEMATRIX service?


What is Video Edge AI?
AI Applications + Edge View


AI monitors a huge umber of cameras on behalf of people.


AI sends alarm to a person in charge to check on-site image.
(request for camera PTZ control)


Features of EDGEMATRIX service


Accelerate your business with video edge AI

  1. Use of edge AI in business and smart cities can be accelerated by a growing number of AI applications provided by EDGEMATRIX.

AI-based video analysis
technology as a service

EDGEMATRIX will provide general-purpose
AI applications from EDGEMATRIX Store
to accelerate the practical use of AI.

We will prepare for the provision of
various AI applications in the future
and realize the smooth deployment of
AI in the field and the flexible and
economical operation of AI systems.



Face recognition (entrance / exit management, etc.), Number of people counting, Flow / Congestion analysis (heat map), Profile analysis, Behavior analysis, Retention / matrix analysis, Intruder detection



Traffic volume measurement, Traffic congestion monitoring, Large facility vehicle retention monitoring, Vehicle type recognition, License plate recognition parking lot monitoring



roduct appearance inspection, FA, Robotics, Inventory monitoring, Suspicious object monitoring, Fire detection, Disaster monitoring, Equipment abnormality monitoring, Animal monitoring, Falling object monitoring

  1. Scalable Edge AI Service Platform: EDGEMATRIX service enables you
    to deploy AI economically in a short period of time.
  2. AI analysis is possible at the edge without sending a large amount of video to the cloud.
    Therefore, communication costs can be significantly reduced.

Covers from small-scale to large-scale introduction

  • It can be installed from one unit at a low price for stores.
  • You can start with one and gradually increase the number.
  • We have developed scalable distributed computing technology that can handle large-scale deployments of more than thousands of units.
  • For large-scale deployments, our solution team can also provide deployment consulting and customization.

AI ecosystem will increase various AI applications in the future

  1. Many AI application development partners are developing new AI applications one
    after another to deploy their applications via EDGEMATRIX.
  2. Domestic and foreign AI developers are about to join the EDGEMATRIX AI ecosystem

Edge AI Box supports 5G

  1. The high speed, low latency, and large capacity of 5G
    further increase the possibilities of edge AI such as transmitting live video from 4K cameras.
  2. EDGEMATRIX will continue to support 5G, and the Edge AI Box lineup will be gradually converted to 5G.
    (Edge AI Box Advance already supports 5G.)
  3. The Edge AI Box is capable of 5G / 4G hybrid support,
    so it complements 5G coverage and provides optimal video edge AI for the installation area.

Overview of EDGEMATRIX service

  • Functions that support
    the EDGEMATRIX service
  • Elemental technologies
    that support
    EDGEMATRIX services
  • Device management
    console screenshot
    (browser screen)
  • Functions that support the EDGEMATRIX service



      Product page

      AI application registration / management

      Product order function

      Service subscription function



      Camera settings

      Edge AI Box settings

      AI applications installation

      User registration / settings



      Device location confirmation

      Status check

      Live and death monitoring / reboot

      Camera remote control

    Edge View


      Live video monitoring

      Edge recorded video monitoring

  • Elemental technologies that support EDGEMATRIX services

    Application Portability

      Application distribution, version upgrade, application change, etc. are possible for many Edge AI Boxes


      Ensure robust security features such as device authentication, data encryption, and model protection

    PTZ Adjustment

      The angle of view can be adjusted remotely using the PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) of ONVIF compatible cameras

    NAT Traversal

      Equipped with NAT traversal function that enables remote access
      to Edge AI Box in private network

    Terminal Emulator

      Enables remote control of Edge AI Box and provides operability that can handle various situations at the program level

    EDGEMATRIX Stream Toolkit

      Supports improvement of inference execution performance in video edge AI development
      and dramatic improvement of development efficiency by standardization

      ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) is a standardization forum
      created to expand the compatibility of interfaces for network camera products.

      NAT (Network Address Translation) is a technology that mainly translates global IP addresses
      into private IP addresses and vice versa in computer networks.

  • Device management console
    screenshot example (browser screen)

    Map View screen

    Check the location of the Edge AI Box and camera on the map
    ※ Color-coded Edge AI Box status


    PTZ camera angle of view setting screen

    Remotely adjust the angle of view of ONVIF compatible PTZ cameras, not limited to new and existing ones
    ※ Operation problems may occur with models other than the recommended camera.


    Project setting screen

    Edge AI Box settings and application selection
    Owner and user registration / settings, etc.


    Stream setting screen,
    stream setting for each camera

    Edge view screen,
    monitor view (real-time video),
    recording view